Scars and Burns

In order to get a tattoo on a scar left by surgery, injury or burn, you should wait for the scar gradually take its natural tone, almost like the skin. This usually happens at least one year from the completion of the tattoo.It may happen that certain ink colors do not penetrate the scar with the desired tone and need more sessions than normal ones, and that is why black pigments and shading are generally used because they are more effective.A good tattoo artist will use the technique of camouflage for a custom design where you hide your scar, creating even three-dimensionality with the shapes of your scar.You should know that a tattoo on a scar may feel different than on normal-healthful skin, as it is an injury and the area is more sensitive and thinner. But you should always try to relieve and care for the tattooed area. In exceptional cases and only under medical prescription we can provide the help of a doctor-anesthesiologist who would supervise the tattoo session.You must not forget that the scars are permanent, but a good tattoo where the artist has invested all his skills and camouflage techniques translates into a good resource to accept the [new] scars as part of our body.

Tattoos over Freckles and other Skin Marks

It is very difficult not to find any moles on any skin. The ink will not hurt, but a tattoo on top of a mole may make it particularly difficult to detect the development of a skin cancer.

That is why we avoid to tattoo over the moles. On the other hand, we will introduce them inside the designs, so that they form part of the skin art.

We will never do a tattoo on a bulging mole or skin mark. You can camouflage the spot with a design and include it inside the tattoo, to avoid injecting ink on and in it. You should also keep in mind that you should not apply laser on freckles or tattooed moles.

Are freckles a problem?

Very freckled skins can be tattooed without any problem.

What is possible and forbidden to tattoo

For general awareness, we detail what types of injuries or marks can or cannot be tattooed without risk.

What I can tattoo

· Birthmarks.

· Acne scars.

· Freckles.

· Stretch marks.

· C-section scars.

· Mastectomy scars.

· Discoloration of the skin / Depigmentation.

· Scars due to surgeries, both major and minor.

· Scar tissue from an accidental injury.

· Scars left by any type of cuts.

· Scarring of minor and major burns.

· Vascular spiders (those finite veins that appear in certain parts of the body and are not bulky like varicose veins).

 What should NEVER be tattooed

· Keloid scars * though you can around it

*They are skin lesions formed by exaggerated growths of scar tissue at the site of a skin lesion. Keloids do not flatten or become less visible over the years, have a different volume and color to the skin.

· Bulging moles

· On bulging varicose veins.