Andrea Guerra

Andrea Guerra was born in Milan in 1971. He studied art at the Academy of Brera where he started working with paint, doing analogic photography, and creating modern sculpture. His interest in tattoo art began when he was 18. At this age he built his first tattoo machine, and since then, he has not stopped his love for the art. He started tattooing and understanding the different styles and concepts of tattoo at the Anathema Tattoo Studio of Paolo Bongiovanni in Padova, Italy. Years later, back in Milan, he started to collaborate with Traccia Bastarda and Claudio Pittan. Today, Andrea works out of his own studio in Monza, near Milan, the Monza Tattoo Club, where he still draws and sketches anything that he finds curious and interesting. Above all, he loves style and goes crazy with Art Brut Tattoo.


Andrea Guerra’s Inks