Meerak Meinohg

Raised between the Middle East and Australia, Kareem Ghoniem aka Meerak Meinohg moved to Berlin in 2012 after having lived and worked in London for the previous ten years. While studying Media Arts in London, Ghoniem specialised in film and animation, and pursued a manifold range of artistic mediums, including: spatial and temporal interventions, performance art, installations, and mixed-media work.

His corpus of creative work currently explores a critical engagement with body politics, particularly with the body as a continuously deconstructing spatial and temporal site upon which strategies of subversion and reification simultaneously converge and dissipate representational systems. He has collaborated in festivals, events, and interventions across Europe with globally renowned visual, sonic and performance artists.

Meerak Meinohg currently works as a resident tattoo artist at AKA in Berlin, where his illustrative formations demonstrate his broadening approach to not only the tattooing medium, but also to the process of creative conceptualisation, which he then implements in various creative formats and approaches.


Meerak Meinohg’s Inks